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Shooters Rack currently at Oregon State
  Watch VideosThis amazing new basketball training equipment was designed by Orin Porter Sr. after looking for a basketball rack that would help improve his sons three-point shot. Unable to find one he invented the Shooters Rack (Patent Pending Publication # 20090266777).

It gives coaches the ability to watch a player while he/she takes a number of shots. Unlike traditional ball racks, the Shooters Rack features a unique design which allows for automatic ball feed therefore giving the player the opportunity for repetitive shot practice from any position on the floor without having to move after the shot.

• Height easily adjusts from 2 feet to 3 feet
   to suit any age.
• Telescopes to hold up to 18 balls on top
   and 11 in the lower storage area.
• Racks Available with a double or single row.
• Strong durable lightweight.
• Can be used indoor or outdoors.
• Telescoping feature allows for easy storage.
• Fits in back of suv or mini van when collapsed.
• Holds up to 29 balls total.
• Add your team logo to the front and back.
• Choose rack colors to match your team.
If you would like to improve your shot or help your team make that game winning jumper, the Shooters Rack is for you. We offer Double and Single Racks.
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